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One of the most complex and divided countries in the region, Lebanon has been on the fringes, and at times at the heart, of the Middle East conflict surrounding the creation of Israel. Since a resurgence of hostilities inwhen Israel launched a major military campaign against the Lebanon-based Shia Muslim armed group Hezbollah, the country has struggled to regain the relative stability it enjoyed after the civil war.

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A small, mountainous country, Lebanon was under French mandate until independence in Its population is a mixture of Christian sects, Sunni Muslims, Shia Muslims, Druze and others, having been a refuge for the region's persecuted minorities. Government structures are divided between the various groups.

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Lebanon has also seen several large influxes of Palestinian refugees, most of whom have limited legal status. From until the early s Lebanon suffered a bloody civil war in which regional powers - particularly Israel, Syria and the Palestine Liberation Organisation - used the country as a battlefield for their own conflicts.

Syrian troops moved in shortly after the war started. Israeli troops invaded in and again in before pulling back to a self-declared "security zone" in the south from which they withdrew in May Syria exerts considerable political clout in Lebanon, although it withdrew its troops inending a year military presence.

This followed the assassination in Beirut of former prime minister Rafik Hariri. Lebanese groups then in opposition accused Syria of involvement; Damascus denied the charge. Huge pro- and anti-Syria rallies were held in Beirut, triggering the government's downfall and the Syrian pullout.

The Hariri case appeared to have taken a major step forward on 1 March when an international court into the killing opened in the Hague.

However, in May, it ordered four pro-Syrian generals held over the killing freed, saying there was not enough evidence to convict them. The generals' release was a boost to pro-Syrian groups, which insist that Damascus was not involved in the Hariri assassination. The UN has demanded the dismantling of all armed groups in Lebanon, including Palestinian militias and the military wing of Hezbollah, a powerful Shia Muslim movement that controls much of southern Lebanon and enjoys Syrian and Iranian support.

When Hezbollah militia seized two Israeli soldiers in a raid in JulyIsrael responded with a day military offensive and a blockade. Around 1, Lebanese, most of them civilians, were killed. The damage to civilian infrastructure was wide-ranging. International peacekeepers were drafted in to help police a UN-brokered ceasefire. But Hezbollah's leader has rejected calls for the movement to disarm and political divisions in Beirut cloud the issue of what should be done about the group's military presence in the south.

With its high literacy rate and traditional mercantile culture, Lebanon has traditionally been an important commercial hub for the Middle East. President: Michel Suleiman. The Lebanese parliament finally elected General Michel Suleiman as president in May after six months of political stalemate that followed the departure of the previous president, Emile Lahoud, in November The agreement that paved the way for his election ended some of the worst factional violence since Lebanon's civil war.

As mounting clashes raised fears of a renewed civil war, the Western-backed government and the Hezbollah-led opposition agreed on General Suleiman - the head of the country's armed forces - as a compromise candidate. On taking office, the new president hailed the opening of a new phase in Lebanese history, saying that his fellow countrymen had "refused to succumb to self-destruction".

General Suleiman stood unopposed for the presidency, and is widely seen as a unifying figure, whose apparent neutrality has earned him the respect of both sides of the political divide. He is credited with having kept the army on the sidelines in times of political crisis. He is a Maronite Christian, and so his election also met the requirement of Lebanon's complex power-sharing system that the presidency should be held by a member of that sect.

Saad Hariri, the son of assassinated former prime minister Rafik Hariri, was asked to form a government by President Michel Suleiman following parliamentary elections in June The pro-Western March 14 alliance led by Mr Hariri won 71 of parliament's seats in the elections, while the rival March 8 alliance, led by Hezbollah and backed by Syria and Iran, secured Mr Hariri spent more than four months negotiating with opposition groups on the assignment of portfolios in a government of national unity.

Under the agreement finally reached in November, 15 ministers were appointed from the majority bloc made up of Mr Hariri's Sunni Muslim Future movement and its Maronite Christian and Druze allies.New Products that Enhances Your Life.

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Call us. E-mail Address. Our Vision Dr. Youssef, General Manager. Our Brands. Pharmaceutical Contract We provide supplying services with various quality levels within the lebanese market. Product Distribution Leading distributors of pharmaceutical products in the Lebanese market. Controlled Shipments Maintaining a specific temperature range throughout shipping is essential to the quality.

Check Products Contact us. Top Selling. Add to cart. Frigofast Spray Ice. Cooling Patch. Digital Thermometer TThe Syndicate of the Pharmaceutical Industries in Lebanon was founded in It comprises all the pharmaceutical manufacturers granted an authorization for exploitation of pharmaceutical plant according to the international good manufacturing practices by the Lebanese Ministry of Public Health.

Check Our Code of Ethics. The Congress was at About SPIL. Our Mission Protection, promotion and enhancement of the profession, safeguarding of its interests, representation of the pharmaceutical manufacturing business before all public authorities and contribution to its advancement at all legal, regulatory, economic, industrial, commercial and social levels.

To help build a relation of collaboration and of cooperation between the Syndicate and any other authority dealing with pharmaceutical business. To launch and sponsor awareness-raising and advertising campaigns to promote the pharmaceutical manufacturing in Lebanon and abroad.

Read more Season's Greetings Dec 22, Contact Us. Send Now. Address: PO. Lees hier alle ervaringen van Plus !International Links - lotoholic. Index Of Lebanon. The original source to find your Lebanese Company. Welcome to IndexOfLebanon.

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Add Your Business Here. Index of Lebanon is the original Lebanese source to find All Pharmacies in Lebanonyour local doctors, companies, mechanics, attorneys, dentists, and much more. Pharmacies by location:. Random 54 Pharmacies In Lebanon:. Load More. Business directory by Activity view all.

Business directory by Region view all. It's free! Ashrafieh, Beirut, Lebanon. All rights reserved. Pharmacies by location: located in Baabda located in Beirut located in Tripoli located in Matn located in Saida located in Aley located in Zahle located in Tyr located in Baalbeck located in Nabatieh located in Kesserwan located in Hermel located in Akkar located in Chouf located in Koura in other Locations.

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pharma lebanon

Listed in: Pharmacies in Lebanon Fayadieh, Lebanon more info. Listed in: Pharmacies in Lebanon Hermel, Lebanon more info. Listed in: Pharmacies in Lebanon Zahle, Lebanon more info. Listed in: Pharmacies in Lebanon Ghazir, Lebanon more info. Listed in: Pharmacies in Lebanon Dekwaneh, Lebanon more info. Companies in Lebanon Doctors in Lebanon Pharmacies in Lebanon Offshore Companies in Lebanon Lawyers in Lebanon Swimming pool specialist.

C Abu Dhabi, This service is produced by Kompass. Why this number? All the lines are busy at the moment, please try again in a moment. Activities: Hospital. Installation services for hospital equipment. Activities: General hospital. Antoine M Saber Owner. Activities: Manufacturers of tissue paper, toilet paper, table napking, kitchen towel, trash bags, sacks, aluminum foils, plastic Ralph Zarazir Owner.

Branches: Factory Chekka Batroun Tel. Activities: Traders of motor vehicles. Activities: Management of medical clinics.

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Laboratories, medical analysis. Nagi M Activities: Biomedic was founded in by owner and General manager Nadim G. Our mission is to provide healthcare Activities: Traders of dental equipment, instruments and products.

Fouad Y Khoury Owner. Activities: Health services.

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Joseph A Hanna Nabil L Chater Owner. Hovik H Kurkjian Owner. Board of directors Georges F Traders of ergotherapy, Activities: Agent of parapharmaceutical earrings. Lucien Ch Awad Owner. Akram H Abou-Assi Owner. Activities: Dental laboratory. Maya H Dagher Owner. Activities: Blood pressure holter, rhythmic holter, bone densitometry, panoramic, ultrasound-4D, color doppler ultrasound, mammography Activities: Manufacturers of serum bags.

Branches: Factory Tyr Tyr. Amine M Nasr Owner. Activities: Hotel operators.We are a locally-owned community pharmacy dedicated to providing personalized service at an affordable price.

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pharma lebanon

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pharma lebanon

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